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first off let me say this site is amazing! had my doubt at first but i couldnt stand waiting around for a source so i took a big chance placed a good size order and waited, communication was excellent was also emailed back within 26 hours, packaging was discreet, shipping was fast! i was shocked they really took care of me!, no b.s 100% legit gear and they know how to treat the buyer, all around INCREDIBLE! coming back for more & spreading the word

   --By ray from usa

I just had the best experience with a gear company on the internet ever....the customer service through email(and no one does that)was great! Answered all my ?s without any problems. As far as delivery i paid on a friday got a tracking number on wed. and the stuff arrived in california on Monday....Wow that is impressive.....i am now putting in another order because i know am a customer for life. thank you ALVGEARR!!!!

   --By charles

Soooo happy i used alvgear.com to order my HGH. Super fast shipping... all the way to vegas in just 2 weeks!! THANK YOU

   --By kimmie morris

Just recently placed first order with AlvGear. Things couldn't have gone better. Great customer service, answered every question quickly and thoroughly. Processed and shipped order immediately and received product in just a few days, and all this during the holidays. Thanks for making my purchase so easy. I'll be doing much more business with AlvGear in the near future.

   --By Russell

Do you have success shipping to Canada And any discount code available at this moment for first time shoppers Many thanks Bruce

   --By bruce sweeney

Best supplier by far That i have ever used, great customer service, great products, Top Notch !!! I could not have been happier. I am recommending ALV to all my friends !

   --By Ken

Very impressed by the quick delivery it's arrived After just a little over two weeks. Canada. I was Also happy with the quick response to all questions. No problems with Canadian delivery, discreet packaging.

   --By Michael

Great site got everything i ordered and quality items too top notch.. received order within 2 weeks i will use this site again and recommend it to my peeps as well. Great Job ALVgear

   --By Simon

If your looking for a supplier, Go No Further You Have Found It! you wont be disappointed, best i have ever used. cant say enough good things, better customer service than walmart !

   --By Ken

I recieved my order in less time than expected, all there, neatly and discreetly packaged. Two weeks into my Test-E and Deca. FEELING GREAT!!!!! Great source!!! Looking forward to ordering again!! THANK YOU ALVGEAR!!!!

   --By Josh

Have gotten 3 orders so far. All transactions have been easy and flawless. Shipments have arrived as ordered, all legit, and problem free. My last large order arrived in 7 business days to the US. Incredible service, great communication, and an all around pleasure to deal with. Thank you!

   --By Michael

I have been really happy with the quality of the products as well as the prompt delivery.

   --By william

This place is there best ever! Ive never received a shipment so fast than from ALV! I received everything within a week! I was so surprised by how fast the shipment came in. 110% legit gear and ancillaries! All in all it was amazing! Thank you!

   --By Jorge

The very best supplier I have ever dealt with, good communication, good products, and good delivery. FINALLY a trustworthy company to deal with. GREAT job Alvgear. Customer for life...................Barry.....in Canada

   --By Barry Mitton

is cabaser sent discreetly to the U.S

   --By tom

Placed one order at the beginning of October. items arrived with 12 days of ALV receiving funds. There was little communication needed due to such a fast process. Once I received my initial order, I immediately placed a second order to complete all my gear needs. Once again, initial communication was great and not much needed after that. Sexond order arrived within 20 days of order. Both shipped to SoCal, USA without issue. Thanks ALVgear!

   --By Seth

I have ordered many times with alvgear and their product is genuine , I recieved it in 10 days Im currently running a turanabol+anavar cycle and my gains and strength are extremely impressive I will continue to shop here in future thank you alvgear

   --By Jada142

Incredible site! I have used them many times and they have always come through with a great deal and a great product. Usually makes its way to California within 2 weeks. I have used many other sources and always make my way back to this one. Thanks ALV.

   --By Taylor

Please help me in my account when will I see my roids account. When you get my money out my account and complete this order. Ty

   --By Maurice

Received exactly what I ordered. It was delivered before I had even realized that it even been shipped. I look forward to ordering from you again.

   --By Jamie

I was somewhat skeptical about this site, but I must say they did deliver despite the time frame the order was sent.The communication was good and the service was excellent. I definitely will use this site again. Thanks much Rosamund

   --By Rosamund clifford

100% Reliable, 100% discreet, and received within two weeks of placing the order. Next review will be how well the products assist me with my goals. Thxs, ALVGear!

   --By Carmela

100% Legit, from ordering to payment to product. I will be ordering again...SOON!

   --By Carmela

Excellent product!!.... I tried "gear" from other websites and even prescription, but Alvgear tops them ALL!.. Thanks so much Alvgear!

   --By Nick

Legit site with great prices shipping is a lil slow but the gear is amazing will be doing a lot of business with this company A+++

   --By Joey

Quality products and fast shipping! I received my order from Turkey in only 18 days after shipout.I give this store 5 stars *****! Thanks Alvgear

   --By Lorenzo Black

Awesome group! Great prices and super fast delivery, will def be my source for all future orders!!!!! Thanks guys

   --By Ronney

I am for Greta....my numper

   --By Antwnis Darivianakis

First shipment came today. Packed well, and within expected timeframe. Looking forward to future business. First time trying gen-shi labs, fingers crossed. Hope to see Dragon Pharma restocked soon!!!

   --By TJ K.

Received my order within 2 weeks. Very happy. Good product. Definitely order from Alvgear again. Thanks so much.

   --By chris

This is the best by far and will help if needed. I have been using them for 3 years now :)

   --By Jollen Fulmore

I've been ordering from ALVgear, since they opened for business. EVERY order has arrived, promptly, and ALL of the products are of the highest quality. Thanks, again, guys!!!

   --By Theodore

Abdi Ibrahim


Abdi Ibrahim is a turkish pharmacy company that established in 1912,Istanbul. This popular pharmacy company’s name come from pharmacist Abdi Ibrahim. This pharmacist created small pharmacy shop than everything started. Four years later this small pharmacy shop have started prod...Read More

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Cytomel Tiromel (T3) 100 Tablets 25 mcg Abdi Ibrahim
What is Cytomel - Tiromel (T3) 100 Tablets 25 mcg Abdi Ibrahim? Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim ..
Ex Tax: $35.00
Bitiron 100 Tablets 50 mcg (T3-T4 mix) Abdi Ibrahim
What is Bitiron 100 Tablets 50 mcg (T3-T4 mix) Abdi Ibrahim ? Usage of this product  in..
Ex Tax: $35.00
5 x Cytomel Tiromel (T3) 100 Tablets 25 mcg Abdi Ibrahim
Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim Substance: Liothyronine Sodium Pack: 5 x 100 tabs (25 mcg/tab) What ..
Ex Tax: $175.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Anapolon (Anadrol) 20 Tabs 50 Mg
Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim Substance: Oxymetholone Pack: 20 tabs. 50 mg What is Oxymetholo..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Bitiron 1000 Tablets 50 mcg (T3-T4 mix) Abdi Ibrahim
T3 and T4 Mix (50 mcg/12.5 mcg) Pack:100 tabs 10 x 10 packs: 1000 tabs What Is Bi..
Ex Tax: $159.00


Abdi Ibrahim is a turkish pharmacy company that established in 1912,Istanbul. This popular pharmacy company’s name come from pharmacist Abdi Ibrahim. This pharmacist created small pharmacy shop than everything started. Four years later this small pharmacy shop have started produce it’s own products. First products they produced are some kind of syrups and aperients. In 1919 they produced first company. After their small experience about producing pharmacy products they have started producing products in their own company. Than company moved their producing labs to Vefa which is popular town of Istanbul. Abdi Ibrahim company made their first move to become worldwide pharmacy company and created facility on Algeria in 1999. One year later there was another good thing happened. Company got CGMP(Current Good Manufacturing Practices). When we check Abdi Ibrahim company’s endorsements and their basic box sales company became the number one pharmacy company in Turkey. A year later company’s GMP documents are accepted by Netherland’s health authorities. This was very good news for company especially their works with european countries. Than company keep created new producing facilities on other countries like Lebanon,Russia,Azerbaijan. 2007 was the fantastic year for the company. Because Abdi Ibrahim company became the first turkish pharmacy company that became one of the top 100 pharmacy company on the world. Company created school that has the name of the company and created tower structure. Abdi Ibrahim company’s growing continue company gets 24 new patents and created new producing facilities in Iraq and Yemen. Than company created Abdi Pharma in Portugal and GMP document is updated by Germany.  



Turkish pharmacy market’s leader Abdi Ibrahim has been made partnership with well known Japan pharmacy company Otsuka Pharmaceutical in 2012.The center of this partnership is in Istanbul. Target customer countries are Algeria,Egypt and Tunisia.


Another great partnership have been created in Kazakystan in 2012. Abdi Ibrahim company bought %60 share of popular pharmacy company Global Pharm. This partnership has created one of the biggest GMP facility in 2015.


Abdi Ibrahim made last partnership with Remede Pharma in 2014,Algeria. This was the most modern producing facility of Algeria’s pharmacy.


Abdi Ibrahim company made good moves to create new faciltiies on different countries to become worldwide pharmacy company. This succesfull company gets some awards. We will share some of them with you. SAP Forum Award,Social Media Award,Stevie Awards and more.


Company believes that they dont produce only pharmacy products to solve people’s health problems,they think and beleive that they touch people’s life and enhance them. This is the vision of the company.Today Abdi Ibrahim company have been working with over 180 brands and has over three hundred products. These numbers mean Abdi Ibrahim brand is the top of the pharmacy sector on it’s country. Company has over 4000 workers all over the world. Also Abdi Ibrahim sale products to fifty countries. Abdi Ibrahim company’s ultimate goal is become in top 100 pharmacy company in  2020. This turkish pharmacy company is a top turkish pharmacy company since 2002. Abdi Ibrahim company has created facilities on different countries like Kazakstan,Algeria. After all we could say that Abdi Ibrahim is worlwide pharmacy company.


If you check product list you will see that we sell some of Anabolic steroids and some of pharmacy products. We get these products directly from turkish pharmacy. Because of that we guarantee legit products. We could add product’s box or prospectus in your order package. We sell different Abdi Ibrahim pharmacy products.Let’s check prices of them.

Cytomel T3 100 tabs (25 mcg/tab) 35 $

Anabol(Anapolon) 20 tabs 50 mg 45 $

Bitiron (T3-T4 mix) (50mcg T4-12,5mcg T3) 20 $

Like other products if you want to buy more you will save more. We make discounts for bulk orders.You could contact with us to get special prices.


We sends pharmacy products with international shipping service. There are two options. Air mail service and express shipping service. Air mail service has longer delivery time but we guarantee reship for packages sent with air mail service(it is available for countries;US,UK,SPAIN,GREECE,PORTUGAL). Air mail delivery costs 20 $.It is fixed. We do not get any more shipping cost for bulk orders. Express delivery has 3-7 delivery time.It costs 90 $. Also we do not guarantee reship for express shipping packages. All packages are trackable. If you want we could send air mail packages without tracking number(no signature). we do not guarantee reship to these packages(no signature). If you want to get package without tracking number that means you accept it.

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